Local Email Server

Some company with large user base may want to have their own email server in their premises for better control and email traffic management. Having a local email server mean that all emails within the organization domains will stay within the company network. An email user can send large file to his fellow worker without having the send the mail to the Internet. That will great increase mail delivery speed and lighten the load on Internet traffic.

In addition to offering hosted solutions, we also offer service to help clients to setup their email server, with or without dedicated IP. In the of the setup without dedicated IP, our server will still serve as the mail server all receive all mail for the domain and client local email server will download those mail regularly from our server at close interval.

For the setup with Fixed IP, all mails for the domain will be directed to the local email server and our Internet Server will serve as backup. In the event that the local email server is not reachable, all mails to the domain will then be directed to our server and the local email will then download the mail when it is back online.

If you need a quote on the setting up of local email server, do call or email to us.