AVG Renewal Malaysia at Low Cost

When your AVG Software is up for renewal, you will generally see a notification pop up in your AVG software informing you that your AVG software is about to expire and you can proceed to renew your AVG by clicking the link provided. No doubt that is the most simple way to renew your AVG software. However, by doing do, you will make need to pay the list price by AVG.

Instead using the link provided, you can also renew your AVG software with us ( Hileytech Sdn Bhd is an authorized AVG Reseller in Malaysia ) . The process is as follow :-

  • Email the current AVG key to us
  • We will then provide you with an official quotation with GST included
  • You can then proceed to make payment  if you wish to renew.
  • We will then email you the new AVG key for you to re-activate the AVG to extend the license.

The cost of Renewal of the AVG License through us will generally be cheaper than the first option above as we will pass some of our profit to you as saving and hence you will enjoy lower price and at the same time enjoy some GST input Tax claim benefit.

AVG software can be renewed at any time. If you renew your AVG software 1 year before the expiry by three years, your expiry date will be extended by 3 years and your AVG will only expired in four years time.

Each renewal instance is for a maximum of 3 years. If you wish to renew for 6 years, you first renew the software for 3 years once you have received the new key, you can renew for a further of three years base on new key. That will give you a total of 6 years.

Apart from the above, the same process will also allow to you upgrade from AVG Antivirus to AVG Internet Security Business Edition.  You can also increase your license. For example, you can increase your license base from 15 to 160.

If you have other question, email us or read the AVG FAQ.

You can read more about AVG Software by visited the AVG main site or AVG Online Site.