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Payment Gateway

For those who are interested in accepting credit card online for your e-commerce store, the following comparison chart will help you in deciding which payment gateway provider is suitable for you.



WorldPay 2Checkout.com iPay88 PayPal
Sign Up Fee Free USD 49.00 or
RM 200.00
RM 488.00 Free
Annual Fee RM 544.00
(Normal RM 1088.00)
Free Free for SOHO Package and
RM 500.00 Annually for SME Package
Discount Rate 3.95% 5.5% 3.0%  4.5%

Payment Period

4 weeks 5 Weeks Weekly Payment will be deposited in your PayPal account immediately

Deposit Required 
During Sign Up

No No No No


7 Days Immediate 2 Working Days Immediate

Currencies it accept

Any Currencies including RM Major Currencies like USD, Euro and GBP RM (MYR) US, Euro, Singapore $ and more

Method of Signing UP

Online Online Submit Form via Email Online

Payment Method

By wire (TT) By wire (TT) Bank Transfer Fund can be withdrawn to any bank in Malaysia.

Minimum Amount for Payment

Minimum Threshold for payment can be set in Control Panel Minimum Threshold for payment can be set in Control Panel NIL NIL

Sign Up Link

Sign Up Online >> Sign Up Online >> NA Sign Up Online >>