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Ecommerce Cart Pro Specifications
The full specifications of our Ecommerce Cart are as follow :-

Software (Unlimited Products and Categories) + Design + Domain + Hosting + 8 Information Pages (Welcome Page, Terms, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Return Policy + Contact Page + Enquiry Page)

Multi-tier pricing, Coupon and Discount, Multiple Shipping Zones, Cross Selling, 15 Pictures per product, wholesale module, Quantity Discount and many more ...

All for RM 2500 only First Year
Pay only RM 280 for Renewal
View Charges by Payment Gateway Provider

Full Features :-
  1. Full functional shopping cart system with back end system that allow you to create :-
    • Unlimited Categories
    • Unlimited Sub Categories
    • Add unlimited products
    • Unlimited Product Options
    • Unlimited Text Options
  2. Full functional coupon and discount system that allow you to create a wide range of discount structure for seasonal promotions :-
    • Create coupon code such as xyz123 which you can send to your customer so that you can use the code to enjoy a certain percentage of discount or certain amount of discount on one item on your store, or the whole categories or the whole store.
    • Offer free shipping if the buyer purchase more than certain amount.
    • Offer certain percentage of discount if the buyer purchase more than a certain amount.
    • Offer certain amount of discount if the buyer purchase more than a certain amount.
    • For all coupons and discount, you will also be able to limited the number buyer who can enjoy such discount by offer says the first 100 visitors within says the first 15 days.
  3. Unlimited Shipping Zone for shipping calculation
    • You will be able to setup unlimited shipping zones and add your formula for each zone for shipping calculation.
    • For each zone, you will be able to add multiple shipping method such as standard shipping, express shipping, next day shipping and more.
  4. Flexible method  for freight calculation. Shipping can be culculated base on one of the following :-
    • By weight
    • By price
    • By flat rate shipping calculation.
  5. Registration module for user to login and logout.  Users will be able to login to check and update :-
    • Contact Information
    • Change password
    • Shipping Address
    • View order history
    • Check order status and more
  6. Mailing List System the enable you to send marketing mail to your registered users.
  7. Product Reviews
  8. Affiliate Programs
  9. Gift Certificate
  10. Simple search and advance search
  11. Support various popular payment gateway system such as :-
    • iPay88
    • PayPal
    • WorldPay
    • 2Checkout.com
    • Verisign
    • Linkpoint
    • PayPal Express
    • PayPal Direct
  12. Also support products with digital Downloads
  13. Multi-tier pricing
  14. Wholesale Module
  15. One year of free Domain Name and Hosting with 5GB Server Space and Unlimited Email Accounts
  16. Low Renewal of RM 280 only for Domain Name and Hosting
  17. Dispay up to four currencies at the same time
  18. Ability to support multiple language with store front with different design and graphic in different language.
  19. Search Engine Friendly Pages
Other details of the package are :-
  • Time Period to complete the site : 14 Working Days
  • Domain Name that you want to use for the site.
  • Information needed to commence the site setup are your logo (if any) and several pictures that you can provide for us for overall site design.
  • Site will be built complete with standard information pages such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, FAQ, About Us, Contact Us Page and Enquiry Page.
  • This package is available for signing up online. Once payment is completed, our technical team will contact you within 24 hours (during working days) to start the site setup.


>> Cost of Shoping Cart Solution : RM 2,500.00 only and it come with free domain name registration and one year of free web hosting on a server with 2GB is space. The package also include the design of 8 standard pages for your store such as Welcome Page, FAQ, Terms, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, Contact Page, Enquiry Form, etc.


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